Other Tours 

The Apostolate for Holy Relics has been engaged in providing presentations on holy relics since 2003. While Relics of the Passion has always been one of our most significant collections, the Apostolate has brought together other collections to commemorate the theme of Holy Years declared by the Holy Father, to support special prayer intentions and educate the faithful regarding special saints or Ecclesiastical feasts.

Relics of Military Patron Saints

The Relics of the Military Program is designed to bring the Faithful together to pray for troops serving in harms way. Called Operation: Special Intention, the tour of these relics provides a way to let those of us on the home front support the troops with prayers for their safety and for peace in the world.

It is also an opportunity for to pray for the souls of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The relics brought together for this tour include relics of St. Anthony of Padua, patron of sailors, St. Therese of Lisieux, patron of pilots and air crews and St. Ignatius of Loyola, patron of soldiers.


The Mother of God speaks to us: Signigicant messages through simple people

This relic collection is presented in an educational format that highlights several apparitions of the Blessed Mother. The relics of major saints including St. Bernadette, the Fatima children, St. Simon Stock and Catherine Labouré are brought together to promote the messages of Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Rosaries, miraculous medals and scapulars are provided for the faithful participating in the veneration.